On Sale! RX106F 4X6 Thermal Shipping Label Printer


K COMER- Make Your Business Easier

RX106F-Green Saver

No expensive ink and toner anymore! All you need is a thermal printer, a fully automatic, no ink cartridge label maker, will not get your hands dirty , the only choice for green life.

RX106F-Intelligent Money Saver

With the intelligent function of adjusting paper and auto label detection& paper back,COMER label printer could adjust the position automatically and will not waste any paper, help our users save cost.

106F-Time Saver

New Version 2.0 printer-head 203DPI

COMER barcode printer speeds has been upgraded from 127mm/s to 150mm/s

72 labels of 4x6 size per minute, the thermal printer supports up to 6IPS high-speed printing with low noise.